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Xbox Kinect 3D Scanning
Step 1. Scan something with your Kinect Sensor. Step 2. Create a surface model for measuring, viewing, or exporting.
Coffee Mug Streaming Coffee Mug Capture
Download Sample Scan (1.05 MB): coffeemug1.ply  
Download Sample Scan (468 KB): coffeemug2.ply  
Capture 3D Scans
Point your Kinect Sensor and capture a 3D scan of your object. It's that simple.
Fast and Easy Use your off-the-shelf Xbox Kinect Sensor without any modifications. Just plug it into your computer and you're ready to scan!
3D Visualization and Measurements
Easily view, interact, and measure your scanned object. State of the art visualization tools allow you to inspect, manipulate, and measure every feature.
Export Scan Export your 3D scan as an STL, PLY, or OBJ file so you can use, render, or edit your scan in other software tools.
Custom Kinect Scanning Software Contact us for custom Kinect scanning applications and software.


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