Struggling with Hard-to-Use 3D Software? There's an Easier Way! 

Introducing the Pro Surgical 3D Segmentation Toolset 

Unlock the Power of 3D

Efficient 3D Segmentation and Labeling

Easy to Learn and Use


World-Class QA Tools

AI & ML-Powered 3D Image Annotation:
Streamline Your Workflow

Revolutionary 3D Image Segmentation: Next-Gen Speed, Precision, and Ease

Auto-segmentation tool:

Specify what you want and what you don't want; and let Pro Surgical 3D's built -in AI extract your objects with just a couple clicks. Less is more!

Manual tools to edit voxel-by-voxel:

These are best for detailed revision of segmentations.

Threshold tool:

Choose a density range to extract objects for complicated multi-valued objects.

High Quality Data

Better data quality, better outcomes

With the Pro Surgical 3D Basic Toolset, you get the best of both worlds: manual precision when you need it and automated simplicity when time is of the essence. Your 3D projects have never been in better hands.


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