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We save lives through our software

Stratovan's core product line includes a range of novel next-generation visual analysis applications including: 3D image viewing station software, airport screening simulation software, and system solutions including Automated Threat Recognition (ATR), DICOM and DICOS (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine/Security) based toolsets.

Our innovative 3D surgical planning and diagnostic tools are used in orthopedics, craniofacial surgery, neuroimaging, oncology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, paleontology and veterinary medicine.

Our mission is to be the leading supplier of next-generation interactive imaging software to the threat detection, medical device and diagnostic markets worldwide.

Our background

In his last year as a post-doc at the Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization (IDAV) at University of California at Davis, David Wiley kept receiving phone calls from local surgeons and physicians requesting medical analysis software tools.

The problem? Such tools did not exist - yet. He quickly realized a market need and potential business opportunity. With the help of Bernd Hamann from IDAV, he founded Stratovan. The company name, 'Stratovan,' derives from the words stratospheric (high quality and unbounded), visualization and analysis.

Within the first year, David wrote a staggering amount of code and developed the firm's first software product, Encircle. In essence, Encircle is a toolbox with everything you need to create 3D imaging software. Since then, Stratovan has continued to grow and opened its Sacramento location in early 2023.

Software Sectors
Medical visualization and surgical analysis

Our comprehensive medical toolset provides surgeons with a CT based preoperative surgical planning system. This visualization method helps minimize the evasiveness of the surgical procedure and enhance patient care. Our enhanced CT image segmentation technology allows for detailed step-by-step surgical planning which results in a more accurate and efficient surgical procedure.

Health and life sciences

Our medical tracking toolset provides clinicians with a CT based post-op assessment method. It provides the ability to analyze and monitor the progression, response and effectiveness of the treatment and/or therapy to improve patient outcome. Our unique image-segmentation approach enhances the tracking of the image size and shape, with the objective of improving treatment time and cost.

Airport security, baggage and cargo

Our threat detection toolkit offers security equipment manufactures a novel/orthogonal approach to baggage and cargo screening. It facilitates interoperability of different airport devices through the use of DICOS (Digital Imaging and Communications Security) and vendor-neutral ATR systems. Our image segmentation is optimized for both speed and accuracy, which results in enhanced delineation of objects of interest.

Consumer Image Processing

Our patented image processing innovation began with the creation of our patented image-segmentation technology called Tumbler. The Tumbler algorithm enhances the delineation of objects in 3D irrespective of shape, topology, orientation, density and image quality. Our image processing applications help end-users more easily locate and manage image repositories.