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Getting you safely home

Enhancing traveler safety and airport security efficiencies with innovative threat detection and improved interoperability.

doctor and person looking at medical imaging together
Improving healthcare

Helping physicians improve patient care through 3D diagnostics, treatment assessment, research and surgical planning tools.

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Aid cultural learning

Enhancing quality of life through superior 3D imaging tools for geometric morphometrics and shape modeling in biology, anthropology and paleontology.

We’re dedicated to saving lives, through software

Stratovan is a leading developer of interactive visual analysis software for 3D imaging for the medical, life science and threat detection markets. Our next generation surgical planning and diagnostic software offer the ability to easily view, manipulate and precisely measure any anatomic feature in 3D.

Enterprise solutions

We are developing standard communication protocols, software platforms, and freely available software to facilitate the adoption of the technologies needed to operate an efficient, effective, and secure airport.

The Airport of the Future

The Airport of the Future will adopt, integrate, and deploy the latest technologies from vendors to improve security, lower acquisition cost, reduce operational burden, and enhance passenger screening and the overall travel experience.

Community Standards

Standardizing communication protocols between devices to address the challenges of standardizing image and non-image data, and direct dataflow between devices to facilitate the screening workflow.

Security Products

Our security products address the current challenges that impede interoperability in today's airport security environment at the benefit of TSA, airports, vendors, and passengers.


Used by thousands, Checkpoint is an integrated software package for geometric morphometrics that enables you to easily collect, manipulate and analyze thousands of landmark and semi-landmark points in 3D.

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Airport Security Platform

OPSL offers a plug and play, vendor-neutral, standardized platform that opens up access to the airport security market for application developers.

Pro Surgical
Pro Surgical 3D

Pro Surgical 3D is a free and easy to use 3D DICOM Viewer – for surgeons and patient education. Designed for surgeons, Pro Surgical 3D makes it easy to view patient scans quickly.