• Healthcare
    Helping physicians and surgeons improve patient care with digital diagnostics, guided surgery, treatment assessment, planning research tools and step-by-step surgical planning.
  • Life Sciences
    Providing software image analysis tools for geometric morphometrics and shape modeling in areas such as biology (morphology, cytology, histology, microbiology, etc.), anthropology, and paleontology.
  • Airport Security
    Enhancing traveler safety and efficiency of airports with innovative threat detection technologies.

Welcome to Stratovan

Saving lives through software

Dedicated to saving lives, Stratovan is an innovator in the medical, life science and threat detection markets.

Our software provides next generation 3D surgical planning and diagnostic software to physicians, surgeons and researchers in areas such as orthopedics, craniofacial surgery, neuroimaging, oncology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and veterinary medicine.

Our most recent advances in airport security will not only enhance explosives detection in checked luggage baggage but also help facilitate interoperability standards for airport screening equipment.

Our Hardware

S1000 Workstation
S200 Workstation
S400 Workstation

Our Software