Why Checkpoint is the World leader

Nothing else offers as many capabilities, is as easy to use, works as fast, saves you as much time and works seamlessly with laser-scanned surfaces, micro-CT, CBCT, CT and MRI scans.

Collect Landmark Points

Place landmark points, curves, and patches, with automatic generation of semi-landmark points along curves and patches. Export landmarks to common file formats.

Load Volume & Surface Data

Load DICOM scans (DCM files), PLY, STL, OBJ, and WRL surfaces. Extract multiple isosurfaces from volume (DICOM) scans (and export them).

View and Interact in 3D

Interact with your scans through 3D multi-planar reconstruction and axial, coronal, and sagittal slicing. View through 3D volume rendering and slice-surface intersections.


Convert volume data (DICOM .DCM, NifTI .NII, Analyze .HDR, .VTK) to NII format. Convert surfaces from one format (STL, PLY, OBJ) to another, and so much more...

What our customers say

It works beautifully! I could not find any other program to open CT files and landmark in 3D. It has been an absolute lifesaver. I also appreciate that new versions are always coming out, with bugs fixed and great new features. Lastly, the customer service has been outstanding. I always receive a helpful and timely response, which has even extended to a quick program update in response to a bug I was struggling with. Excellent! Thank you!!! Checkpoint has made my dissertation possible.

I use Checkpoint for viewing and adding landmarks to 3D models from CT of primate skulls, 3D models from MRI of the primate brain, and also 3D laser scanned models I have taken with a surface scanner. I like its versatility but with no comprise to ease of use. I like its flexibility, great graphics, speed and ability to handle larger data files.

I really like this software and have recommended it to others. The patch placement method is very good compared to other pieces of software and curve placement is also very user-friendly. Customer support has also been excellent.

Checkpoint videos

How to Apply Templates

How to apply templates you have created to the rest of your sample.

How to Create Templates

How to create templates using Checkpoint so they can be applied to subsequent scans.

Placing Landmark Curves

This video describes the process of collecting semi-landmark curve on 3-dimensional molars.

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Automated Threat Recognition (ATR)

Only one ATR software works with any security system in every environment. And the only one to be both TSA APSS Level 1 and lorem ipsum dolor certified.

Pro Surgical
Pro Surgical 3D

Pro Surgical 3D is a free and easy to use 3D DICOM Viewer – for surgeons and patient education. Designed for surgeons, Pro Surgical 3D makes it easy to view patient scans quickly.

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Encircle is a cross-platform imaging toolkit that affords a natural user interface for 3D image visualization, 3D reconstruction, arbitrary slicing, and much more.