Free, high-quality DICOS library

Digital Imaging and Communications in Security (DICOS) software library and conformance testing suite to facilitate the conversion between native security vendor data with the DICOS format.

Encircle platform

Cross-platform app foundation

All Stratovan products are built using our Encircle library. A cross-platform imaging toolkit that permits a natural user interface for image visualization, 3D reconstruction, slicing, and more. Encircle is a Stratovan novel technological foundation that allows for the generation of state-of-the-art imaging applications.


World class 3D shape analysis

Checkpoint provides world class 3D shape analysis with the easiest to use 3D landmark collection process in the world. Designed around efficiency and accuracy to save you time, Checkpoint allows you to collect thousands of landmark and semi-landmark points in 3D.

Pro Surgical 3D

Easy to use 3D DICOM Viewer

Designed for surgeons, Pro Surgical 3D makes it easy to view patient scans quickly. Access patient DICOM scans directly from/to your PACS, works efficiently with referral patient CD/DVDs, local DICOM files, and more. Pro Surgical 3D is geared towards optimal 3D treatment and assessment workflows based on X-ray CT scans and MRI.


Orbital volume computation and assessment

For use by otolaryngologists, ENTs, plastic surgeons, and maxillofacial researchers. Allows the use of computed tomography (CT) scans of the orbital area to be analyzed as part of diagnostics, pre-surgical planning and post-surgical analysis.