DICOS Toolkit

DICOS Toolkit


Our DICOS Toolkit provides a Digital Imaging and Communications in Security (DICOS) software library and conformance testing suite that facilitate the conversion between native security vendor data with the DICOS format. The toolkit enables airport security devices to connect over a local area network, and handles both files on disk and cross-platform connectivity on Linux, OSX and Windows operating systems.

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Additional Info

DICOS Toolkit Goals: 

  • Provide a software toolkit that “hides” DICOS from the implementer – vendors, manufactures, etc. do not have to be experts to implement DICOS reducing training and operational costs 
  • Provide a toolkit standard that is built around a security environment addressing some of the existing medical toolkit limitations, i.e., speed, capacity, scalability, etc. 
  • Support the vision of an interoperable airport; hence, reduce an airport’s overall operational cost 

Standard based / DICOS Toolkit Advantages: 

  • Supports the establishment of a common data interchange protocol and extensible file format to facilitate data information exchange 
  • Low implementation cost 
  • Facilitates a clear path for DICOS compliance and TSA certification 
  • Facilitates a Common Workstation 
    • Display 
    • Transmission 
    • Storage 
  • Enables generic secondary ATR algorithms 
  • Facilitates an Integrated and Interoperable Airport solution 
  • Facilitates 3rd party developers to participate in Aviation Security innovations

Technical Details: 

  • DICOS v2, which focuses on data output from EDS, AT, AIT, and QR systems as well as Threat Detection Reports (TDR).
  • Linux, Windows, and OSX; 32 and 64 bit.
  • C++ Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Supports both file and network I/O.
  • Includes a comprehensive conformance testing suite and device simulators to connect with for testing
  • Product-based sample code and use cases (e.g. how to connect an EDS to an OSR)


  • This DICOS software is free and will always be free – there will never be any licensing charges. This work is covered by a TSA contract.
  • The purpose is to provide a free high-quality DICOS library to the airport security market and we would appreciate any feedback your software development team has in regard to the software.
    • Questions you have during the DICOS integration process.
    • Any problems encountered during integration.
    • How long it took to integrate, use, and/or test DICOS for your purposes.
    • Any unmet needs that you have.
    • Any deficiencies in our documentation.
    • Any general comments, pleasant surprises, suggestions, and/or recommendations.
Conformance Server

Conformance Server

Stratovan hosts an Internet-accessible DICOS Conformance Server that can be used to test against without having to download and install the Stratovan DICOS Toolkit. This is useful for those that have implemented their own DICOS software and would like to evaluate compatibility with the Stratovan DICOS Toolkit. The Stratovan DICOS Conformance Server is located at:

Host: dicos.stratovan.com

Port: 204

To access the server you must have a Stratovan website account. The results of DICOS data you transmit to the server will be displayed under the DICOS tab on your account page when you are logged in.

Register with Stratovan website: https://www.stratovan.com/register_account

The username and password transmitted via the DICOM networking protocol must match your Stratovan website account information.  Store this information in the “User Identity Negotiation” item and set “User Identity Type” to a value of “2”. Please refer to DICOM part 3.7, section D. for more information.

The application entity (AE) fields should not be empty for both server and client. The server AE is “ServerExample”.

Capabilities Supported:

You can perform a DICOM C-Echo test against this server and also transmit DICOS data to this server.

When you transmit DICOS data to this server, a copy of the data is made and it is checked for conformance to the DICOS specification. Upon receipt, the server immediately posts conformance and transmission results to our website under your account for later review.

You can review the received DICOS data, how Stratovan interprets it, and any other information related to the transmission on your account page under the DICOS tab:


Important Note:

To insure your security, do not use an existing account name or password. Do not transmit Sensitive Security Information (SSI) data to this server. Do not transmit proprietary data to this server. All transmitted data is stored by Stratovan for an extended period of time. Stratovan will never share transmitted data with anyone. Stratovan reserves the right to inspect transmitted data for internal testing, validation, conformance, customer support, and other similar uses. Stratovan shall not be held liable for any data transmitted to Stratovan. This service is provided as-is without any guarantee of security or privacy.


A variety of problems may prevent a successful transmission to our server. Many transmission errors will be logged on your Stratovan webpage user account on the DICOS tab. However, a number of issues will not be reported due to network communication limitations. Please review the following to aid in troubleshooting transmission problems:

  • Check your firewall settings to ensure that your computer can access our server.
  • Check your Internet connection to ensure that your computer can access our server.
  • Make sure you are connecting to dicom.stratovan.com port 204.
  • Make sure you have created a user account on the Stratovan website (see above). Try logging into our website to make sure your user credentials are valid.
  • Make sure you entered your username and password information correctly into the DICOM “User Identity Negotiation” item; see above for more details.
  • Make sure you set the server AE as “ServerExample”. Client AE can be anything – except empty, for example "ClientExample".
  • Perform a DICOM C-Echo test prior to uploading/transmitting DICOS data. If the C-Echo test does not work, transmitting DICOS data certainly will not work.
  • Do not transmit more than 20MB of DICOS data to our server. If you transmit more than 20MB, the data will not be posted to your Stratovan website account. You should see a transmission message indicating the 20MB limit was breached in this case. In some cases, if you transmit data close to the 20MB limit, the transmission may still be rejected.


If you have any questions regarding the Stratovan Conformance Server, please review our support forum: https://www.stratovan.com/software/security-software/dicos-toolkit

Or contact: support@stratovan.com





Minimum Hardware Requirements

RequirementsA - Checkpoint, Maxillo, DICOS, ProSurgical

Data Size*100 MB200 MB400 MB1+ GB
  • Intel i3 or
  • AMD Ryzen 3

  • Intel i5 or
  • AMD Ryzen 5
  • Intel i7 or
  • AMD Ryzen 7
  • Intel i7 or
  • AMD Ryzen 7
  • 8+ GB
  • 8+ GB
  • 16+ GB
  • 32+ GB
  • Intel Integrated Graphics
  • nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 or
  • AMD Radeon RX 460
  • nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 or
  • AMD Radeon RX 460
  • nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 or
  • AMD Radeon 560
  • 1+ GB
  • 2+ GB
  • 3+ GB
  • 4+ GB

* Data size is based on the size of your data files.

† Or better than indicated.

‡ OpenGL 3.0 or later.

  • Intel CPU recommended.
  • nVidia GPU recommended.
  • 64-bit CPU and Operating System required for data sizes over 100MB.
  • 1GB of hard disk space for installation.
  • 1920 x 1080 pixel display or better.
  • Windows 8.1 or later.

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