Resource List for Geometric Morphometrics Analysis

November 16, 2015

Geometric morphometrics provides invaluable information in the areas of physical anthropology and medical research. By comparing differences in 3D anatomic structures it can help quantify an evolutionary feature or relationship, determine an organisms ontogeny or help improve diagnostics and surgical planning among many other applications.

We get a lot of  “how to” questions related to applying geometric morphometrics to research studies from customers using, Checkpoint. The following resources provide insight into this specialty - from understanding the theory behind it to breaking down the geometric methods of shape analysis.


  • Form, Function and Geometric Morphometrics – A useful overview of the types of statistical analyses that can be done with geometric morphometric data. A 3D dataset example and additional files are given as part of the online supplementary material - a valuable resource for those attempting three-dimensional analyses.
    • Cooke, S.B. & Terhune, C.E. (2015). The Anatomical Record, 298(1): 5-28.




  • Use of two-block partial least-square to study covariation in shape - A useful overview – including mathematical functions – for the use and implementation of a 2B-PLS analysis to study the ways that shape covaries with another variable (e.g. facial dimensions, or another aspect of shape).
    • Rohlf, F.J.,  & Corti, M. (2001). Systematic Biology, 49(4): 740-753.


  • Geometric Morphometrics for Biologists: A Primer – A user-friendly textbook that covers the use of geometric morphometrics (most examples are in two-dimensions).
    • Zelditch, M.L., Swiderski, D.L., Sheets, D.H. (2004).  Waltham, MA: Academic Press.



We hope you find this list helpful and please feel free to post any other resources you have found in the comments below and we’ll add them to the list if relevant. 

Some information contributed by Dr. Lissa Tallman.

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