What happened to IDAV Landmark Editor?

David F. Wiley

Unfortunately, the IDAV Landmark Editor software is no longer maintained by UC Davis and the software download is no longer available. While the Landmark Editor has been used by thousands of researchers around the world at all the leading research institutions and museums, your best option for replacement is Stratovan Checkpoint.

Stratovan Checkpoint has all the landmark collection capabilities as the Landmark Editor and much more. I encourage you to evaluate Checkpoint as a replacement. Feel free to contact/email us if you have any questions on how to transition from the Landmark Editor to Checkpoint.

Take a Look at Checkpoint

A brief history of the IDAV Landmark Editor project is available here: From IDAV Landmark Editor to Checkpoint.



Are the files created by landmark compatible with other software such as MorphoJ? Or can Checkpoint also perform geometric morphometric functions?

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The main purpose of Landmark is to easily place landmark points and semi-landmark points accurately and with high repeat ability on complex surfaces for the purpose of registration, alignment, morphing, and computation of hypothetical ancestors in evolutionary trees. thanks all ~ Thomas Daniel from web application security services