Encircle Layout Technology


Stratovan Relay™ is a patent-pending resolution independent layout technology that bases runtime widget resizing and positioning on two source layout designs. The UI designer specifies a small and large layout so that the widgets are positioned correctly for each size. During runtime, Relay automatically determines the size and position of each UI element based upon the runtime width and height of the layout.

The following images show an actual UI designed using Relay technology and the corresponding runtime layouts (click on each image to enlarge):


Small Design
(228 x 264)

Small Design

Large Design
(1580 x 936)

Large Design

(891 x 827)

Runtime (891 x 827)

(1525 x 339)

Runtime (1525 x 339)

(1914 x 1071)

Runtime (1914 x 1071)

Conventional Layout Technologies

Consider these questions for your current widget platform:

  • How do you position widgets in a UI layout?
  • How is resizing of widgets handled?
  • Does the resizing/layout logic require any hand/manual coding?
  • Does the widget/window hierarchy play a role in layout?
  • How much effort is required to change a UI layout several years into product development?
  • Is your layout system resolution independent?

Conventional layout technologies:

  1. Are based on one design layout and cannot resize (at all) during runtime.
  2. Are based on one design layout and require hand-coding to achieve runtime resizing
  3. Are entirely hand-coded.
  4. Use widget edge-relationships to establish resize logic.
  5. Use fixed dimensions or ratios of the width/height to determine size and position.
  6. Require hours of work to change.
  7. Never seem quite right during runtime.
  8. Are NOT resolution independent.