Change color of landmark primitives and color of surface data

Color change

When I load .ply/.obj/.stl suface imaging data into Checkpoint, the resultant surface look pale grey.

1. Is there a way to change the color of this surface to some user-defined color? Can this be done in Landmark Editor?

2. I obtained my .obj file through 3dMD imaging, and the original .obj file contains texture/color of my specimen (human). Is it possible to retain such texture when 3D suface data are loaded into Checkpoint?

3. Landmark Editor allows the user to view the 3D image as wireframe, is it possible to view in this way in Checkpoint?

4. Is it possble to designate the color of landmark primitives to any user-defined ones?

Thnak you for your reply.



1) Checkpoint does not currently support a user-specified color.

2) To turn on the color associated with the surface mesh, choose from the menu View | Specimen | Use natrual color. If this option is diabled, then the file loaded did not contain color information.

3) Checkpoint does not currently support wireframe rendering. It does support semi transparent rendering with the toolbar buttons labelled: 100%, 75%, 50%, etc.

4) It is not possible to change the primitive colors.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Hi Wiley, 

Thank you for your reply. When I imported my .obj file into MeshLab, I could see color and texture. Strangely, when I load the same .obj file into Checkpoint, the Use natrual color is greyed out and I can only see  a single color surface mesh. May I know what is likely the cause of this difference, namely different appearance when the same .obj file is imported into different softwares?

Thank you.