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Change image orientation
Cropping tool

I'm working with some complex geometries and it would be extremely helpful if I could enable the cropping tool at different angles. Being able to change the axis using the Slice Avatar Bars is helpful, but it would be additionally helpful to slice into the object at different angles as well - is this possible?


There are two cropping tools. First is the one that is aligned to the scan coordinate frame which is accessed via the menu View | Show Crop Lines. Manipulation of the crop region is achieved by moving the blue lines in the slice views. As you point out this does not allow you to align the crop to objects within the scan. The second cropping tool is accessed from View | Show 3D Cut-away. This aligns the a crop region with the avatar (cross hairs) and, since the avatar can be rotated and translated within the slice views, this can be helpful in aligning the cropped region to an object within the scan. There is currently no additional support for aligning a crop region beyond these two methods.