Dicos Toolkit- Link errors while building examples



While building some examples provided in the toolkit (for instance DicosFileLoadingExample here) in vs2013, I get link errors like these:

Warning    1    warning LNK4098: defaultlib 'LIBCMT' conflicts with use of other libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:library    D:\Projets\16-0125\Code\DICOS_Library\sdicos_win_vs2013_r20160812\examples\DicosFileLoadingExample\LINK    DicosLoadingExample_2013

Error    27    error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __imp__WSAStartup@8    D:\Projets\16-0125\Code\DICOS_Library\sdicos_win_vs2013_r20160812\examples\DicosFileLoadingExample\Dicos32.lib(ChilkatSocket.obj)    DicosLoadingExample_2013

Error    28    error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __imp__WSAGetLastError@0    D:\Projets\16-0125\Code\DICOS_Library\sdicos_win_vs2013_r20160812\examples\DicosFileLoadingExample\Dicos32.lib(ChilkatSocket.obj)    DicosLoadingExample_2013

... and 64 other similar errors

I use all the default parameters, as defined in the DicosLoadingExample_2013.vcxproj file, except for the configuration where I set Release. It looks like the runtime library is incorrect, but I also tried /MT without success. What am I missing?


Alexandre Filiatrault




I got a similar issue and if you include the following libraries it should build and compile: crypt32.lib, ws2_32.lib and dnsapi.lib.