PTO Assessment Probability is apparently not stored

Our testing suggests that if we do something like the following while building a TDR:AddPTOAssessment(index, flag, category, ability, description, 57.0f)Then the 57.0% probability is not stored. The AddPTOAssessment() call will apparently complete successfully, but calling GetPTOAssessmentProbability(index) immediately afterwards will return -1, not 57.0.  It also appears that the probability is not written to the TDR file.This is using the 64-bit version of sdicos_win_vs2015_r20170608Is this a bug or are we misuing the library somehow?Thanks,Will   


Will,The assessment probability value must be a value between 0.0 and 1.0.  Calling the function with the assessment probablity of 0.57 will solve the issue.  The documention does not state this within the User-Level API and will be revised in the next update to include this information.  The function returning true even though the value was not accepted is a bug that will be fixed in the next update.-Christian
Christian,Thanks for this - makes sense.  The CT_With_TDR.cpp example will need a tweak, as that uses 98 to set 98% rather than 0.98.Might also be worth removing the word "percentage" from the comments in ScdsTemplateTDR.h (I guess that's where the docs come from anyway.Thanks again,Will