stream based DICOS

Could you please let us know whether Stratovan supports stream based DICOS? If supported in which release it can be found? Thank You.


It depends on what is meant by streaming.

  • The DICOS communications protocol supports sending a DICOS file (attributes and data) over a network connection but it does not support a special streaming mode or software hooks that would allow slices to be sent individually. This could be simulated by creating DICOS files for each slice and sending them over the network.
  • The toolkit currently does not support an API where a DICOS file can be streamed over the network or written to a file one slice at a time. Currently the entire volume must be assembled before being sent
  • The latest DICOS toolkit supports building volume data sets incrementally a slice at a time. In SdcsArray3DLarge look at the AddSlice(...) method. In the Stratovan DICOS Toolkit see the example under VolumeDataExample/Example_3_Array3DLargeAddingSlices

Do these match the usage patterns you are looking for?