Updated Beta Version of the DICOS v02A Toolkit Now Available for Download

DICOS Toolkit User Community,The TSA and Stratovan Corporation are pleased to announce the availability of the Beta version of the DICOS Toolkit now supporting Version 02A of the DICOS standard. Notable updates to the toolkit include the support of:.       Multi-view and multi-energy image encoding.       Voxel and Pixel value representation (16-, 32-, 64-bit, and float).       Pixel Spacing for X-ray image display.       Enhanced and redefined selected tag attributes.       Different Time-out mode.       Different Bar code type.       Raw and bag pathAs with the previous distributions of the toolkit, the associated documentation has been updated to address errors discovered in v2 of the DICOS standard and to address changes made due to the newly supported enhancements to the DICOS standard summarized above. In addition, the toolkit's test tools have been updated to include the updated DICOS Explorer (test viewer), DICOS Conformance tool (allows for the conformance to the DICOS standard) and the DICOS Compliance tool which verifies compliance to the TSA's additional requests to the implementation to the standard. Please note that for the convenience of the user community, one additional tool has been added to the toolkit to support your transition to the DICOS v02A standard. The conversion executable is called V02_to_V02A_Converter_64R.exe which can be found in the bin folder of the distribution.Please also note that the DICOS v02A toolkit will read DICOS v2 formatted files, however, will (per design intent) only write DICOS v02A. It should also be noted that as of the release of this updated version of the DICOS Toolkit, the previous distributions of v2 of DICOS Toolkit will no longer be supported.  As before, the use of the User-Level API, included in the SDK, is strongly suggested.Only TSA vetted active users will be allowed to download the updated toolkit. Also, a yearly access renewal is now required.

Any questions should be directed to the support email address at support@stratovan.com. Please include DICOS in the Subject of the email.